A GUIDE TO ET's, Aliens, Gods and Angels

Over 100 million people have witnessed UFOs and have wondered:

Who are they?
What are their agendas?
Why are they here now?

answers all these questions and more, 
like no other book set has ever done before.

is a 5-part series focusing on the spiritual discernment
of various multidimensional beings, including Extraterrestrials, 
Aliens, Gods and Angels. It describes the ancient Drama 
that has spiraled through our Galaxy for millennia, 
one that humans have long been enmeshed in -- 
though most of us remain blissfully unaware of our compromised position.

In the last Gallup poll conducted in 2010, they estimated that over 100 million people have witnessed UFOs around the world. We know they’re there, we know that we are being visited, we know that contact has occurred on multiple levels across the board, we know that alien abduction has been a threat and an enigma to the psychological community for decades.

Who’s Who in the Cosmic Zoo? is the first book set of its kind to spiritually discern ETs, aliens, gods and angels.  It focuses on who the individual groups of ETs and Aliens are. Who is the 'god of this world'? Who makes up its hierarchy? Who are the ancient gods, ETs and angels  that are expected to return to Earth after 2012 to strategically prepare for the final battle against the Almighty Creator God in the end-time war known as Armageddon. The 5 book series takes the reader down several paths and theories leading to the main message, which emphasizes the need for developing spiritual discernment by understanding the ancient history, through connecting the dots to Bible messages, mis-transliterations of the original Hebrew, apocryphal writings, and various mythologies. The Bible tells us that in the last days, a massive deception and great delusion will come that will deceive even the elect. This deception will be done through the technology of UFOs, aliens, and ETs. This is why it is imperative that earth humans have awareness of the exopolitical landscape, which has its roots in biblical times.

Everyone living on planet Earth today needs a copy of Who’s Who in the Cosmic Zoo?  as a spiritual guidebook to help discern what exactly folks are seeing in the skies, experiencing, and how it fits into the changes occurring on our planet at this time. The author discerns who is behind all the major religions on the planet, why they differ, and what the cause of war and dissension is. The author reveals that the word of God was first written into the stars, revealing who the Cosmic Christ really is, not just in relation to planet Earth but to the entire cosmos, and how the Bible in concert with other exobiblical texts, records ancient extraterrestrial contacts, and how that connects into our present and future exopolitical scenario unfolding on planet Earth today.

Book One - ET's and Aliens
Book Two - Who Is God?
Book Three - Who Are The Angels?
Book Four - Covenants
Book Five - The Heavens

Be Kind, for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle.
~ Philo 10 BC

Who Are The Angels?

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