"Although I have just started to read this book and have only a basic knowledge of the topics covered within, nonetheless, I am already fascinated. Not only has the author put a tremendous amount of serious research and work into this book, but it is also written in a way that even those like myself, without much knowledge on the topics of ET's Aliens, Gods and Angels, can understand and enjoy reading it. A serious and intelligent book, that will no doubt open my mind, in more ways than one. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has an interest in the mystical and spiritual realms, as well as extraterrestrial.", Zipporah, November 25, 2015

5 STAR ***** Amazon Reviews:

A great alternative to David Icke!
"The subject matter here is in similar vein with David Icke, Tom Horn, or David Flynn, presented from careful research and firsthand witness accounts. Topics range from little known encounters to the major stories of 2013, detailed, timely and inclusive of overlooked points of view. Though a little long, the book is well organized and easy to peruse.
What I really liked most about this book, and where it soars above Icke and Horn and Flynn, is its' powerful message about humanity's position regarding the aliens, UFOs and spiritual entities. I can recommend this to anyone interested or concerned about High Strangeness without fear of their becoming despondent or overwhelmed or frightened by all the implications. Instead this work presents alternatives to the powerlessness and paralysis resultant from most other books on the subject. Definitely upbeat and encouraging, a breath of fresh air!",  Marie Henderson, March 11, 2015

"MIND-BLOWING"! Excellently written with an amazing plethora of credible sources and information from the top scholars of the UFO world! So strategically integrated with the Holy scriptures, it was hard to put the book down! It was a spiritual experience as well as a learning one! A book you will read over and over again! Can't wait for the next book to come out! A MUST READ indeed! :)", 'Michael Vincent Bruscini' , July 27, 2014

Format: 3rd Edition-Paperback

"Fantastic book. Very well written. Obviously, the author spent an amazing amount of time on research. If you have ever really wanted to know about what's "going on", read this book. It will open your mind.", 'Pasquale Tamborino', January 13, 2015

A great read!!
Format: 1st Edition-Paperback
This is an extremely well researched book, and very well written. If you've ever wondered about mankind and its real origins, this will give you some great insight.all of us know that something is not quite right, and this will give you the answers to your questions. This isn't your normal gobbly gook about UFOs, but rather a good perspective on what's really going on with humans and "others" who are really running the show., 'Pasquale Tamborino', January 13, 2015

True and accurate.

"A quality book that is put together well. I found it to be a good read as well as a handy reference. It contains a wealth of information that one needs in this day of deception and counterfeit gods. Ready for book two ! Thank you Ella.", 'calgill92', April 1, 2014

More than just information.

"The author provides an astounding amount of information in this book collected from a lot of different sources that makes it a great go to guide when desiring information on different types of beings and subjects in this field of interest. However she also provides some original insight from her own spiritual experiences and inner guidance that is thought provoking and perhaps brings forward answers to questions that many may have wondered about of the why's as to how all these things have meaning and application to the larger picture of the creation of which we are all playing our part. If you have an interest in this field this book can only help you to have more of what you're looking for and provide additional food for your mind and spirit to munch on as to the greater understanding of some divine plan unfolding within it all.", 'Chiron', April 3, 2014

"Best book ever on the alien agenda and are the different types of aliens that are connected in to the bible I have read this book and it is simply amazing the book does wonders and if you ever want to know everything about the bible aliens extraterrestrials demons this is the book to has it all everything you ever wanted to know about aliens technology what is to come what has happened in the past you must get to the book this book is simply out of this world no pun intended. This book prepares you for what is to come. A must read!!!", 'robracket', March 17, 2014